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The latest weather and forecasts for Hardingstone

run by 1st Hardingstone Viking Scout Troop.

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Weather history

Current Today Yesterday This Month This year Station Record
 Temperature  5.4°Cfalling
Maximum5.7°C (13:45)6.9°C (13:54)7.7°C (12-01)7.7°C (12-01) 
Minimum2.4°C (08:28)-0.6°C (00:00)-4.2°C (07-01)-4.2°C (07-01) 
 windchill  1.6°C 
Minimum-1.5°C (05:38)-6.4°C (05:19)-7.9°C (07-01)-7.9°C (07-01) 
 heatindex  5.4°C  
Maximum5.7°C (13:45)6.9°C (13:54)7.7°C (12-01)7.7°C (12-01) 
 Solar radiation  121 w/m2 
Maximum 320 w/m2  (11:45)283 w/m2 (12:32)341 w/m2 (10-01)341 w/m2 (10-01) 
 UV index  0.0   
Maximum 0.0  (00:00) 0.0  (00:00)0.5  (10-01)0.5  (10-01) 
Current Today Yesterday This Month This year Station Record
Rain / Melt 0.0 mm  9.2 mm  474.0 mm  497.0 mm  
Evapotranspiration0.4 mm  0.2 mm 1.5 mm   
 Humidity  86%  
Maximum96% (08:34)100% (00:00)      
Minimum84% 91%       
 Dew Point  3.2°C  
Maximum3.6°C (13:45)6.8°C (13:27)      
Minimum1.7°C (08:28)-0.6°C (00:00)      
Current Today Yesterday This Month This year Station Record
 Pressure  1011.3 mb  Steady
Maximum1011.3 mb (14:24)1013.8 mb (00:04)1018.6 mb (15-01)1018.6 mb (15-01)  
Minimum1004.6 mb (01:10)1001.2 mb (13:57)993.6 mb (12-01)993.6 mb (12-01)  
 Wind  10.6 kts   Wind from WNW  Gentle breeze
Gust22.6 kts (04:35)27.0 kts (03:13)27.0 kts (16-01)27.0 kts (16-01)  

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