Northampton Weather Gadget


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The Northampton Weather Gadget is a desktop gadget for Vista or Windows 7 (or XP with additional software) that providesyou with Northampton Weather.Org Weather information on your computer desktop. Clicking on the gadget title will display a flyout page like the one below with additional information, including graphs.


If you want to view more information then please click the link at the bottom of the flyout window and this will open your browser and display Northampton Weather's website

The gadget will cycle through up to four weather current conditions of which are; Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Rainfall. The gadget also displays the current wind speed constantly. The conditions, cycle rate, and refresh rate are user configurable settings as shown below.


I would suggest you enable the background images (in the settings) as these correspond to the current weather conditions and has a more aesthetic look to the gadget

Download Click here to Download Gadget